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What is International Revenue Share Fraud?

International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF) is the most persistent type of fraud within the telecom industry. Fraudsters often utilize illegal resources to gain access to an operator’s network in order to bring traffic to phone numbers obtained from an International Premium Rate Number provider.
This is the most challenging fraud to eliminate due to the complexity of the mobile network system and the involvement of multiple operators, usually its perpetuated by organized groups using illegal connections to bring a large volume of calls into high cost 'revenue share' service numbers, taking advantage on the roaming capabilities of SIM cards

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How does IRSF APP work?

RAID.Cloud IRSF App is an already pre-configured Fraud Management Application, which allows you to audit and control all traffic CDRs generated at the network switches throught the use of near real-time exchange of records on both voice and data, providing the detailed data required to detect complex and elusive fraud patterns quickly, allowing to reduce fraud detection time and losses typically by 90% or more.

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Why use International Revenue Share Fraud App?

Access built-in Hotlists of known fraud numbers and originating countries.

Identify suspicious network activity and receive mitigation actions.

Decreases response times to help minimize revenue leakage.

RAID.Cloud Deployment Models

Private, Public or a mixed cloud environment? You choose...

For some CSPs with on-premise technology infrastructure, operating in a hybrid architecture is a necessary part of their cloud adoption roadmap. If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, WeDo Technologies provides an alternative private and hybrid cloud model to deploy prebuilt RAID.Cloud risk management apps.With RAID.Cloud option models, you can deploy the Fraud Management Apps on your private on-premise cloud in minutes, configure cloud-based services or add more fraud management applications, and choose if you want to scale to public or hybrid cloud environments in the near future.

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  • Key Benefits

  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Protects your revenues and company reputation.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Increases revenue by making roaming more secure.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Reduces detection times down to just a few minutes
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Detects frauds and identifies the proper actions to solve it.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Shorter time to market

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