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Fraud remains a big challenge for the telecommunications sector. Fraud is persistent, invasive and harms customers and institutions alike. Fraud threatens to compromise not just business results, but also customer relationships and the market’s perception of a brand.

As the shift to cloud-based services increases, fraud management capabilities can be delivered as hosted services to help drive more operational efficiencies and to improve business agility. WeDo Technologies’ RAID.Cloud combines the power of a reliable fraud management solution with the benefits of a hosted, cloud-based deployment model.

Around the world, more than 130 organizations rely upon WeDo Technologies’ Risk Management solution for its world-class ability to detect and prevent telecom fraud. The solution works across a variety of fraud types and technologies – including mobile and fixed, and provides a protective barrier for all the new digital services that are driving changes in the telecommunications industry today.

RAID.Cloud Deployment Models

Private, Public or a mixed cloud environment? You choose...

For some CSPs with on-premise technology infrastructure, operating in a hybrid architecture is a necessary part of their cloud adoption roadmap. If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, WeDo Technologies provides an alternative private and hybrid cloud model to deploy prebuilt RAID.Cloud risk management apps.With RAID.Cloud option models, you can deploy the Fraud Management Apps on your private on-premise cloud in minutes, configure cloud-based services or add more fraud management applications, and choose if you want to scale to public or hybrid cloud environments in the near future.

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RAID.Cloud Managed Services

As your managed services provider, our experts acts as your extended team

WEDO believes the best way to prove the value of our applications is to allow our customers to trial the solution with no feature limitation Our solutions provide you services from a self-service to a fully outsourced approach that allows you to focus on your business.
Independently of the fraud subscribed app we support our customers on evaluating the first results side by side and customize the thresholds to increase the detection accuracy. Don't worry about data transformation and integration, will also support all the way in order to get your data correctly evaluated and processed by our Cloud applications.

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RAID.Cloud Trust

Data security and fraud defense in Private & Public Cloud

Theft of data or an attacker gaining entry to your cloud infrastructure stops innovation in its tracks. Take advantage of RAID.Cloud embeded security technology that mitigates the risk of lost progress. With end-to-end security designed for the modern enterprise architecture, RAID.Cloud delivers secure solution from the private to the public cloud with common management, advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and a platform that supports an open ecosystem, turning RAID.Cloud into the most secure solution to detect fraud for your business.

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